13-15 januari 2021 - Bern


Master Course on Implant Therapy in Edentulous Patients: A Clinical Challenge
An interactive 4-day course with Live Surgeries and Hands-on Workshops


January 13–15, 2021, 08.30–17.30 h
School of Dental Medicine, Freiburgstrasse 7, 3010 Bern
André Schroeder Auditorium

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Department of Reconstructive Dentistry and Gerodontology,
zmk Bern, University of Bern
Prof. Dr. Urs Brägger (course director)
Prof. Dr. Martin Schimmel (course director)
PD Dr. Julia-Gabriela Wittneben
Dr. Samir Abou-Ayash
Dr. Manrique Fonseca

Department of Oral Surgery and Stomatology,
zmk bern, University of Bern
Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser
PD Dr. Simone Janner
PD Dr. Valérie Suter

Course objectives
This course is dedicated to the management of edentulous patients.
Significant progress has been achieved in the prevention of caries and periodontitis in the last decades; therefore, elderly patients often retain their own teeth until late in life. However, edentulism is still a harsh reality for many. Losing all teeth is the «terminal outcome of a multifactorial process involving biological factors and patient-related factors» (Felton 2009). Edentulism constitutes a major oral disability in regard to function, aesthetics and psycho-social aspects.

Complete denture prosthetics has come a long way since Gysi, Ackermann or Gerber. Nowadays, there are rational procedures that will allow the practitioner to provide patients with functional and aesthetic complete dentures in a reduced number of clinical appointments, like the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS). The knowledge of complete denture prosthodontics constitutes the basis for any implant-supported complete prosthesis.

Still, the use of osseointegrated implants for the stabilization of complete dentures is one of the great achievements of modern dentistry. Today, the proposed standard of care for edentulous patients is a conventional mucosa-born denture in the maxilla, and an implant-supported overdenture anchored on two implants in the mandible to ensure patient satisfaction and oral function.

However, many of our patients demand fixed prostheses for optimal comfort and function, but we need to discuss what is feasible in the specific anatomical condition.
The main topic of the course will focus on rational screw-retained fixed implant prostheses on ultra-short 4 mm implants applying the BPS Workflow, virtual planning and guided surgery. The course will also discuss the management of edentulous patients who are often old and may become frail. Finally, the course is comple-mented with an overview on removable implant prosthetics and Narrow Diameter Implants and Mini Dental Implants.

The course will include two live surgeries, one live prosthetic demonstration, hands-on courses with virtual planning and an insertion of extra-short implants in a jaw model.

• Specific aspects of edentulism: epidemiology and patient profile
• Medical aspects in elderly patients
• Anatomy of edentulous patients
• Treatment concepts and loading protocols for edentulous patients
• Virtual planning for full arch reconstructions in the edentulous patient
• Guided surgery for full arch reconstructions in the edentulous patient
• Live surgeries: Implant placement in the edentulous jaw
• Live prosthetics: The modified BPS Workflow
• Clinical and laboratory workflows for implant-supported fixed prostheses
in edentulous jaws with a reasonable cost/benefit ratio: the modified
BPS workflow for Pro Arch TL reconstructions
• Zirconium based fixed dental prostheses
• Impact of implant reconstructions on oral function and quality of life
• Dentures 2020: All digital? An insight in the present and in the future of
complete denture prosthodontics.
• How to optimize conventional dentures
• Esthetic outcomes with Pro Arch TL Reconstructions
• Overview on attachment systems for implant-overdentures: the Bern
• Alternative options with one-piece Mini Dental Implants
• Maintenance aspects, complications and clinical outcomes

Course type
Theoretical and practical course with live surgeries
(total of 25 CE credit hours)

Language: English

Course fee
Including course material, coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner.
PDF handouts of the lectures can be downloaded from a class room
at the day of the presentation.

CHF 3200.– for dentists
CHF 1800.– for post-doc students (only with confirmation of the university)

Each participant will receive a certificate with 25 hours of CE credit.
International participants are responsible for their own accreditation of
organizations outside of Switzerland.

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